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Yes. It’s been a while

We got our way through the holidays and quickly found ourselves nearing the arrival of Boy#2.

But before all of that Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Butch came up to celebrate their aniversary.  So Fred and Matt took them to the zoo.  We did a lot of walking.  But had a great time.

Feeding the birds with Grandpa Butch

They were back a couple of weeks later.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Sandy stayed with Fred at home while mom and dad went to get a new little brother.  Alan David was born on March 27 at 10pm and wieghed in at 7 pounds 13 oz.

We had tried to talk to Fred about what was happening.  Fred claimed he was ready.  Once it happened he was clearly not so sure about having a new brother really meant.

I thought we were getting a puppy.

Things get a little better every day.  Fred gets a little more accustomed to a new little brother taking up more of mom’s time and Alan sleeps a little better.  Fred continues to set a pretty high for his brother on the “cuteness” scale.

My future's so bright I gotta wear shades.

And Fred and Matt got to go and see the Mariners beat up the Tigers.

Go Mariners!

Life is good.  Things are still settling but we’ll get there.

The Boys

Talk to you all soon.

Music Lessons Part 2

The following evening I got home and for fun we put in the U2 concert movie Rattle and Hum.

After the prior days music experience I was enjoying explaining to Fred that they were playing guitars, singing, playing rock and roll.  After a few minutes I got up to help Liz get some things squared away for dinner.  Liz and I are in the kitchen when we hear Fred say: “Zooty, Watch they’re gonna play rock and roll.”

Music Lessons Part 1

I got home the other day and Fred was leaned over with his ear to the speaker.  I tapped on the front window and fred didn’t respond.  So I walked in.

Liz had some music playing and Fred was listening intently.  I put my bag down and walked over to Fred.  I crouched behind him and asked what he was doing.

He raised his head, looked at me, and in a very serious tone said: “There are people in there.” 

It took me a couple of minutes to pull myself up off the floor.


We got through our busy summer and decided it was time for a boys first airplane ride.  And Matt’s family had been looking forward to seeing the boy for quite some time.  So we bought the tickets and hopped on an airplane bound for Boise.

Our airplane was late to arrive and once we boarded we had to wait for some maintainance.  All told we were an hour late but Fred was a good sport the whole time.  We arived a bit late but Great Grandma Ilene and Great Grandpa Hank were still very excited to see us.

Fred had a great time playing baseball in the backyard.


Playin' ball in Grandma's back yard

We stayed with Great Grandma Ilene and Great Grandpa Hank and each morning Fred was excited to see Grandma, Grandpa,  and Rex.  He took a shine to all of them.


My new pal Rex

On Sunday we got to go and visit Grandma Peggy’s Aunt Helen.  She lives up on the plateau to the northeast of Boise.  We had a good visit before it was time for a boy’s nap.


Can't sit still

Later that evening we drove out to Nampa to see Aunt Anne, cousin Liz and cousin Andrew.  Fred had a very good time  kicking the soccer ball around with Andrew.  After dinner Andrew napped so Fred played with cousin Liz.


Always on the go

He even gave Aunt Anne a good night kiss as we were leaving.



We also got to Uncle Gene, Aunt Yonna, Cousin Jessica and her family.

Fred got a little restless on Monday morning so we went to Zoo Boise.  He very much enjoyed the running and seeing the animals.  Fred was especially impressed with how close he could get to the leopard.

We had good time and enjoyed seeing everyone.  Fred was again great on the flight home.  Of course he didn’t nap until the wheels touched down in Seattle.  We could only give him a few minutes before we had to get him up but he did ok.

oh boy!

When asked by the stewardess what he would like to drink on the flight home, the boy proudly exclaimed “Coffee!”

We opted for water for him.  Far less dangerous for everyone!

He Talks to Cows.

Liz had an appointment yesterday.  Fred and I stopped to pick up some pizza for dinner and headed to pick up Liz.  Fred had been drinking his milk and eating some poporn.  As we neared where we were to pick up Liz Fred finished both and needed something else to occupy him.  I reached into his backpack and pulled out his plastic cow.

As we stopped to get Liz I hear the following from the back seat:

“Hi cow.  Whatcha doin’ cow?”

He repeated this conversation with cow twice as we made our way home.

I never did hear the cow respond.  Fred won’t say what he heard.

Baseball, Fence, and a Birthday

A common theme around our house and on the blog is speed.  Fred moves with increasing speed.  And time passes faster every day.  June and July ran together and disappeared before we knew it.

June started with Fred’s first baseball game.  Once we saw the field and the players warming up the boy recognized things and started pointing at home plate and saying things like “baseball!” and “He hit the ball.  Crash!”.  We have since progressed to more specific statemens like “Washburn throw the ball” and “Ichiro hit the ball”.  Seems we’re raising a baseball fan.  Or at least a Mariner fan.

Watching Twins Batting Practice with Mama and Aunt Sandy

Watching Twins Batting Practice with Mama and Aunt Sandy

We even got to meet the Mariner Moose.  We weren’t so sure of him.  I think the boys been hearing too many stories from his grandpas about how surly moose can be.

Meeting the Moose

Meeting the Moose

Fred actually was good about watching the game.  Even when Mama wanted a photo.

Pitching duels can be tough for girls to watch sometimes.

Pitching duels can be tough for girls to watch sometimes.

We had a great time even though the Mariners lost.  We are looking forward to seeing the Yankees come to town in September.

A couple of weeks later Grandpa Randy came over and we rebuilt the fence on the south side of the house.  It has helped brighten the south side of the yard a lot.  And making it a little taller than previous has added some much appreciated privacy.  Not to mention it gives Fred and the chickens a little more enclosed room to roam.

As soon as the fence was done it was time to celebrate Fred’s birthday.  The boy has reached the 2 year and 34 pound mark.  Yes, I said 2 years and 34 pounds.

Fred got all sorts of good stuff for his birthday.  He got a road scraper, some plastic sharks and farm animals, a bubble blowing  machine, a backpack, little piano, art easel, a few books, and an Elmo doll to name a few things.

Making sweet music

Making sweet music


Just a small part of the birthday "Haul"

Just a small part of the birthday "Haul"

It’s been warm for Seattle, but all in all it’s been a good summer so far.  Hope to be seeing you all very soon.

Bye for now.

Back to the Beach

Once again we made our spring pilgrimage out to the Washington coast.  This time we went to Ocean Shores on the north side of Grays Harbor.  The traffic was awful again this year.  The weather however was fantastic.  Grandma Peggy got tons of sand dollars and shells and Fred got plenty of running on the beach.  

Freddy Go Go

Freddy Go Go

Liz made some simple sand castles and Fred SMASHED!  He tore through those sand castles like mad.  The sand went everywhere.  And I do mean everywhere.

Attack of the Fredzilla!

Attack of the Fredzilla!

Fredzilla strikes!

Fredzilla strikes again!

As with every had day comes a good nap.  And then an evening by the campfire with Grandpa Butch.

Warming by the campfire

Warming by the campfire

On Sunday just before we left Gandma Peggy got to give Fred his first haircut.  He was very good about it.  Didn’t fuss much at all.  I wasn’t much of a haircut, just a little trim but still, it’s a first.

Just tidy things up a bit please.

Just tidy things up a bit please.

And then we got one last walk on the beach before heading home.

Strolling on the beach with mom.

Strolling on the beach with mom.

This Spring

This spring has been a little slow on the blog.  That just means it’s been crazy for us.

We missed a trip to Boise because a boy was running a temp of 102 at the last minute.  Turns out it was a really rough incoming tooth.  Nothing more.  But the fever lasted almost 3 days.

Matt and Fred have fought colds off and on all spring.  And the computer caught something as well.  As you can see we’re back up and running so…  Here a few pictures from the last couple of months.  And we will be rescheduling that trip to Boise pretty soon.

Talkin' shop with Grandpa Randy

Talkin' shop with Grandpa Randy


Enjoying the Seattle spring in my swing

Enjoying the Seattle spring in my swing


Ready to go.

Ready to go.

We’re off to the beach this weekend.  We’ll talk to you all again soon.

word of the day

We have come to the great stage of Freddy repeating everything we say. Of course, we are watching our language a bit more, but as every parent does, we find it hilarious to hear him repeat words. We are constanly talking to him and describing things we see so his language skills are just exploding these days. Tonights words were “Di-no-mite!” in very 70’s Jimmy Walker way and then the phrase “Shake your booty” a la K.C. and the Sunshine band. Good times! Now those are the only words he is saying, over and over. Oh God, what have we done! I told him not to say dynamite at the airport lest we miss our destination because we are being detained for questioning. I can hardly wait for him to bust out the “Shake” at daycare. Oh, and right as we were putting him down tonight, he pointed at the fish in the tank and called them fishsticks. Uh oh!